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Portable, east to operate and fully corrosion resistant.
Eliminates the cumbersome process involved in the conventional method of fumigation.


• Shortens the duration of sterilization.
• It is 100% effective even on dreadful spores.
• This ensures greater penetration & continues exposure, activates the faster rate of disinfection, thus 100% sterilization is assured.
• Instantly converts liquid formalin / disinfecting liquid, into the true aerosol particles.
• Due to high aerodynamic stability the formalin droplets remain, suspended for longer duration and thus ensure 100% sterile germ free and zero bacteria environment.
• A single unit can sterilize 250 cu. meters (9000 cu. ft.) in just 30-60 minutes.
• To work on 220 / 230 V. A.C. Supply.

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