• The entire unit is made of Stainless Steel (SS 304 Quality Cr-Ni).
  • Automatic pulverization (fogging) system is available.
  • One of the most effective methods for the body & cloth disinfection.
  • It is most economical since water-based disinfectant is used for disinfection.
  • Non harmful disinfectant must be used.
  • Penetration is high with fogging method.
  • Water and disinfectant consumption are low.
  • There is an electrical installation in accordance with IP 65 class (Solid & Liquid Protection).
  • Provision of sensors to detect person entering and exiting the chamber.
  • Provision of sanitizer stand at the entrance of the chamber.
  • LED Light is fitted inside the chamber.
  • It has a modular ergonomically designed in the way to easily form a line with other modules.
  • Sufficient numbers of 120-degree angle pulverization nozzle 0.20 mm to 0.30 mm spray diameter are mounted in the area determined for fogging.
  • Rubber coated stainless steel clamp is used for mounting the nozzle and the installation on the tunnel.
  • Stainless steel pipe is used in the high-pressure installation required for disinfection.
  • Durable high-pressure pump of 0.75 HP is equipped in the unit.
  • The dosing pump is used at convenient capacity in order to respond to disinfectant change and application needs.
  • The disinfectant tank of 100 litres is provided with the unit.
  • Working Voltage: Depends upon the customer description (220V, Single Phase & 415V, Three Phase)


Our disinfection chambers are fully automated and are based on the revolutionary pulverization (fogging) technology* that is employed in the field of biosecurity. Our product is –

  • Eco-Friendly – Saves a minimum 80% in water and disinfectant usage.
  • Economical – Fully automatic requiring no manpower and low maintenance.
  • Efficient – Penetration at molecular level is provided to entire outer volume of the human in the disinfection process.


First used by the NASA in the disinfection systems for disinfecting personnel at the entrances of the facilities where space vehicles were manufactured and it was the first step for the protection of astronauts from harmful bacteria during the tasks lasted for months.

Pulverization is the sophisticated system of breaking down water into particles at micron level under high pressure that goes up t1o 1000 PSI (70 BAR). At this point the water appears like a cloud of fog in the environment where pulverization is implemented. The system uses a specialized high-pressure pump that releases tiny particles that hang in air and do not settle; and, the fog produced is so fine that it completely evaporates in the air without creating any wetting or dripping on the surface, making the system highly versatile. This also provides the disinfectant access to surface with the same amount of water and disinfectant.


This is for the people entering the areas that need hygienic working conditions such as food production facilities, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, laboratories, shopping malls, office complexes, marketplaces, amusement parks, government buildings, cinema halls, etc.

In this chamber, the people carrying microorganism move from Area A (Biological Insecure Zone) to Area B (Biological Safe Zone) and in the process the system ensures elimination of harmful bacteria because of the disinfectant cloud of fog. Our systems are automated and modernized to make life of the users healthier.


Model ASI-HDS-SS01
Chamber Size (in mm) 2000 x 1400 x1800
Outer Body Made of Complete Stainless Steel SS – 304
Inner Body Made of Stainless Steel SS -304
Pump 0.75 HP Durable High-pressure pump
Disinfectant Tank 100 Litres
Illumination 20/40 Watt florescent tube with defogger
Power 220-230 V AC Single Phase or 415 V Three Phase