Microbiology Laboratory Equipment


Best Microbiology Laboratory EquipmentAsind Mobile Microbiological Testing Laboratories (Microbiology Laboratory Equipment) are specially designed for a wide range of on-site testing for public health and research. These mobile labs can be used for testing by various government departments, non-governmental organisations, or private companies in any location and under any severe condition where such facilities are not available nearby.

Our mobile labs are completely equipped with high-quality microbiology laboratory equipment such as laminar air flow, fume hood cabinet, bio-oxygen demand incubator, autoclave, pathogen detection kit, mycotoxin kit, oil degradation monitor, refrigerator, and all other lab necessities. For particularly sensitive testing, a separate clean isolated chamber with full amenities is supplied. It can be used to test for Rapid Pathogen Detection, Mycotoxin, Aflatoxin, Food Allergens, Foodborne Bacteria, Oil Degradation, Sugar Content, Ph/TDS/Water Conductivity, and other things. Our mobile van, which includes an LED TV, Public Addressing System (amplifier, mike, speakers), Computer System, and advertising strollers, can also be used for public addressing and awareness in any pandemic situation.

Basic Features of Microbiology Ready:-

  • Chemical Tolerance PVC/Vinyl Flooring
  • Securing Equipment in a Vibration-Free Environment
  • Construction of High Quality
  • Laboratory Workbench Made of Stainless Steel
  • Sink and water tank
  • Units for Air Conditioning
  • Pump for Eyewash
  • Portable Generator Set that is Quiet
  • PUF panel/Non-Halogenated Flame Retardant Polymer interpanel
  • Dimensional Precision
  • Technological Advancement