Food Microbiology Lab & Drug Microbiology Lab

Food Microbiology LabSince many years,‘Asind’ has successfully erected and commissioned microbiology food laboratories in accordance with NABL accreditation standards and other government norms. We adhere to all of the standards that a modern laboratory should have when constructing microbiology labs. We set up food microbiology testing, including molecular biology, to perform a wide range of tests on pathogens and spoilage organisms in food, food ingredients, and water. Using rapid and conventional methods, we can identify unknown microorganisms, classify them to species level, and detect food pathogens. To obtain accurate results and avoid cross contamination, we maintain separate ISO class room environments.

The Food Microbiology Lab & Drug Microbiology Lab is divided into three sections:

  • The primary research laboratory, where all bench work is done.
  • A laboratory for instruments.
  • The autoclave and media preparation room.