Keeping pace with the present era of globalization and the need for English and other foreign language proficiency, our company has developed a modern language laboratory system. The prime objective of the lab is to facilitate efficient teacher-student interaction to correct phonetic accents and dialects to be effectively used for business communication, official communication in booming tourism industries talking to seniors/secretary/telephone operator’ etc. With the help of good language lab on can easily learn the different dialers and accent – The British, the American, the Indian accents etc. For those aspiring for employment abroad, especially software professionals, nurses etc.

Objectives of language lab

  • To prepare the student to take up tests such as TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, NELTS, and other foreign University entry eligibility tests.
  • To think and speak in English
  • To improve phonetic skill
  • To develop effective communication skill
  • To develop confidence to carry out a simple conversation
  • To conduct a focused discussion.
  • To look at issues from a critical perspective.
  • To assess them for their merits and de-merits.
  • To arrive at result based on studies and objective evaluation