• Outer constructed in mild steel with epoxy powder coated.
  • Inner surface : inner back wall & side wall made in stainless steel, grade S 304
  • Working Surface: Autoclavable & removable stainless steel work surface for easy cleaning.
  • Filter Type: HEPA filter with integral metal guards & frame gaskets.
  • Supply of HEPA filter 99.997% at 0.3 micron.
  • Primary Filter : Specially designed pre-filter to increase the life of HEPA Filter
  • Ergonomic Tilt: Exceptionally comfortable 10 degergonomic design improves comfort, prevents user fatigue & promotes safe working techniques.
  • Manual sliding sash door made up of imported polycarbonate sheet or toughened glass with sloping front for better access of samples
  • Front sash door height can be easily adjusted as per required by end user.
  • The transparent sash door maximizes light & visibility inside the cabinet, providing a bright & open working environment.
  • The closing/opening of front door is integrated with the UV ON/OFF.
  • The UV will automatically switch :OFF” when the sash door is opened & switch “ON” when door is closed to avoid accidental exposure of UV light to the operator.
  • Air Velocity: 900ft/min ±10.Air Volume: 500 cfm & above
  • UV light programming : Availabe with timer
  • Utra violet tube light: Germicidal i.e. 254 nm
  • Electrical socket : Internal socket inside the chamber 5/15 amp.
  • Illumination of working surface: Florescent tube light (intensity>600 lux) provides excellent illumination for work surface & reduces operator fatigue. Fluorescent tube light inset behind front control panel.
  • LCD Screen Display: Digital Microprocessor controlled for operating fluorescent, UV light & blower with audio and visual alarm for HEPA filters life. And also for static pressure measurement of HEPA filter.
  • Conveniently located display on outside of the laminar air flow for easy use & also easy to reach.
  • Sleep Mode operation: Automatically blower speed reduced upto 30% this will help to save energyenergy as well as help to maintain sterile work area during biosafety cabinet is not in operation.
  • Intelligence alarm system: Safety purpose audio & visual alarm for air fluctuation and for life of the HEPA filter and UV light.
  • Working Noise level: Low/should be <65 dB
  • Electronic/Electrical Panel: From clean chamber to give better contamination free results.
  • Electrical safety: Electrical component used are standard for better electrical safety for the operator.
  • Arm Rest bar: To avoid contamination from outside to inside contamination & for easy working with comfort. Secure & comfortable armrests enhance your comfort during extended work sessions.
  • Drainage port: Provide beneath work surface to facilities easy & better cleaning of the interior & handling of spillage inside the chamber
  • Blower-Motor Assembly: Dynamically & statistically balanced aluminium centrifugal impeller driven by single phase, 1400 rpm motor double inlet blower fitted in such a way to reduces vibration & noise. Blower is positioned in such a way that to create an even filter loading, it help stop ro long the life of HEPA filters. Provide uniform air flow by adjusting working voltage of fan.



Model No ASI-LAF/422/MBC
Internal Work Dimension

(L x D x H) (mm)

1200 x 600 x 600(4’x2’x2’)
No. of Hepa Filter 1
Pre – Filter 1
Motor & Blower 1
No. of Fluorescent Tube 1
No. of UV Tube 1
Cabinet Outer (Power Coated)/ PCGI Inner Stainless Steel


Work Table Stainless Steel (SS- 304 grade)
Main filter HEPA filter (99.97 % efficient at 0.3 micro particle)
Pre-filter High efficiency prefilter
Illumination Florescent lamp 40W
Sterilizing UV Germicidal Tube
Front Door Made of plexi glass
Power Supply 220-230V AC, 50/60 hz power supply