ASIND provide a number of benefits and advantages that make them an effective solution for any clean-critical application.

  • High functionality
  • Low cost
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Modular designs for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Easy to reconfigure or expand
  • Portable and easy to relocate
  • Two mounting options (freestanding or ceiling-hung)
  • Ideal for smaller spaces
  • Use of negative air pressure.


  • 99.99% test on 0.3 micron HEPA filters
  • Aluminum frame HEPA filters
  • LED lights
  • Clear vinyl curtains
  • 120V filters and lights
  • High-strength tubular steel frame with white baked-enamel finish
  • Our modular softwall clean rooms utilize motorized, ceiling-mounted HEPA filters and specialized LED cleanroom lights. Cleanrooms are fully enclosed by heavy-gauge, clear, polished-vinyl curtains. Curtains are installed in sections, with the tops sealed against the support frames and vertical seams overlapped to prevent contamination from infiltrating the clean room environment. Simply spread two curtain sections apart to enter or exit the cleanroom—curtains automatically re-seal as the two edges come back together.


Softwall modular clean rooms in standard sizes from nominal 4’ x 4’ to nominal 24’ x 24’. Custom softwall cleanrooms with larger or nonstandard dimensions can be designed and manufactured to meet your unique requirements. Our modular design makes it easy to expand or reduce the size of your clean room without having to completely disassemble it.


  • ULPA filters (Class 10)
  • 99.999% test on 0.12 micron HEPA filters
  • Strip doors for high traffic areas
  • Poly bead test filters
  • Yellow-tinted or opaque curtains
  • Special room heights
  • Yellow lights
  • Flow through lights
  • Casters for even easier relocation
  • Ionization systems
  • Prefabricated wiring kits
  • Acrylic or polycarbonate walls
  • Gowning rooms and pass-throughs
  • Conductive curtains
  • Stainless steel frame construction
  • Building suspension brackets