• Asind Mobile Dental Van is a low cost alternative solution for the Dental Clinic.
  • Mobile Dental Van provides treatment to the Dental Patients at remote locations.
  • The Mobile Dental Van includes a vehicle equipped with dental chair and accessories required to perform a standard Dental treatment.
  • The body shell of the ambulance was created by sandwich puff panels with pre-coated sheets cladded on outer & inner walls for excellent insulation & thermal control.
  • Dental Chairs as per customer’s choice
  • Complete air connection from air compressor and water connection from water tank to dental unit and water connection to wash basin
  • Technicians Chair & Table for storage and making dentures & repairing artificial teeth, crowns, filling, bridges etc.
  • Consists of Outlet drain system, wash basin, medicine chest, storage racks for instruments, doctor’s chair, Other equipments & accessories, sitting arrangement for 6-8 persons inside the van, refrigerator, x-ray room, water tank and genset.