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Air wall mounted Positive Pressure Modules is designed to provide clean air in a small enclosure. These modules feed filtered dust-free air to built-up and maintain positive pressure in the sterile area. The positive pressure effect caused by the module ensures that the air movement is always outside and prevents entry of contaminated air inside the sterile area. These are highly specialized equipments and are carefully designed to provide a clean area within a small enclosure or a cell. The Positive Pressure modules are designed and work on the principle similar to that of the Laminar Airflow. Fixed at the rear end of the unit is the pre-filter. While a bowler assembly is used for the purpose of air suction, the air is passed through the HEPA filter where the filtrations of highest level take place. Positive Pressure Modules designed by Clean Air Systems are unique and offer high value for money. Every Positive Pressure Module is carefully designed and inspected to perfection.





Sterile Room/ Clean Room

Dimensions (WxHxD)mm

660 x 660 x 800


50 Hz

Installation Type

Wall or Ceiling Mounted


500 to 1000 CFM
HEPA filter Removes

0.3micron particle


Electro-GI with powder coated

Power Supply

220V AC, Single Phase, 50 hz